Volleyball Ages 8-11

Home Teams listed on the right


April 28, 2018
            9:00am                     Queens v HERicanes
            12:00 noon              Blue Narhwals v Purple Pirates
May 5, 2018
            10:00am                   Queens v Blue Narwhals
            12:00noon               HERicanes v Purple Pirates
May 12, 2018         
            9:00am                     Blue Narwhals v HERicanes
            12:00noon               Purple Pirates v Queens
May 19, 2018
            10:00am                   HERicanes v Queens
            11:00am                   Purple Pirates v Blue Narwhals
May 26, 2018
            9:00am                     Purple Pirates v HERicanes
            11:00am                   Blue Narwhals v Queens
June 2, 2018
                                                Outdoor Tournament at South Campus
                                                            (Times to be determined)